Thursday, 31 May 2007

Princesa Marissa cruise - Bits & Pieces

There's a lot of bits of paper and cards you get on this ship as you board. A green card stays in your passport which is kept by the ship's reception as you board. They do this so that they can get all the passports stamped at the same time in the morning while you are still enjoying breakfast. Another long white boarding card is kept with your passport which is also stamped. At reception part of the green card is given back to you as a receipt for your passport. A second long white boarding card has a barcode on it and on which they also write you dinner table and sitting (so we had 50B written on which is table 50 and 'B' for second sitting). Ths card you should keep on you as you need it to go into dinner and to get off an on the ship in Egypt.
Finally, you will also be given a book of vouchers (like a thin checkbook) which contains your transfer and excurtion vouchers together with a ticket for the cruise.
In the morning at 7, everyone gathers in the Ledra lounge to get their passports returned once the Egyptian authorities have done their stuff (more queueing I'm afraid and remember to have your green receipt), before you can disembark for the excursion (bar coded boarding card at the ready to be counted off the ship back down on the car deck). The customs in Egypt just do a bag check through an X-ray machine and we didn't have to show any papers or passports, but take then with you anyway as I wouldn't want to have a problem in Egypt and not have your passport on you.
Back at Limassol you need to hand in the stamped,non barcoded white card in as you get of the boat, although confusingly a crew woman was telling everybody that the needed the barcode one as they wated in the queue to get off.

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