Thursday, 31 May 2007

Hotel Arsinoe - Entertainment

Oh dear! Well I suppose again, catering for the Brits I should expect bingo, pub quizzes and kareoke, but the real problem with the droning scottish accent of 'Mr Les' the quiz-master and the Hammond Organ versions of classic oldie pop music by 'Mr Nicholaus' is that the hotel has nowhere to go to escape it. If only they would keep the bar out the back of the hotel open past 5:30 or after they finish dinner once it moved out there, then there would be somewhere to enjoy a drink and talk, but you really have to go out if you want a more laid back quieter evening.
For those that do enjoy the organised style of hotel entertainment, there also put on a variety of daytime activities such as darts and table tennis competitions, pool aerobics (with Doreen) etc.
For the sport minded amoung you, it seems they do screen the major fooball matches, as the Liverpool vs. AC Milan Championship League final was on while we were staying.
If you do drink in the hotel bar, spirits are measured by optics so they may seem a little weaker than many of the other bars who just pour straight into the glass, but prices seemed reasonable and between 9:30 and 10:30 there's happy hour when the drinks are half price.

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